Chelsee Kucera
Executive Director
Chelsee Kucera joins the Latah Trail Foundation as a recent graduate of the University of Idaho with a Masters in Public Administration.  She is eager to begin working with the many partnerships and collaborations that help support the Latah Trail.  She views this community support to be the driving factor to the success of the Latah Trail.  Please contact with any questions, comments, suggestions or to share your Latah Trail stories. 
"This is an exciting time to be working with the Latah Trail, as I imagine it is for those who have been able to witness it's growth over the years.  The positive economic impact to the rural communities, accessibility to outdoor recreation for all users, increasing our knowledge of the environment past to present and providing an alternative transportation route for non-motorized use creates this incredible community asset I am so grateful for."  - Chelsee