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                     Margaret Littlejohn Memorial Bench & Tree Dedication Ceremony
On Saturday, September 12, 2015 at 1pm a bench and tree were dedicated to the memory of Margaret Littlejohn. This dedication took place on Paradise Path between F Street and Mountain View Park in Moscow, Idaho. About 60 people attended the ceremony on a beautiful sunny late summer day. The bench is situated to reveal a stunning view of Moscow Mt. Lena Le, Margaret Dibble, and Bill McLaughlin all said lovely words commemorating Margaret Littlejohn's life and the positive impacts that she had in her community.
Margaret Littlejohn was a great supporter of recreation and a great advocate of nature. She was a dedicated promoter, in both her professional and volunteer efforts, for the health and wellbeing of nature, as well as for the health and wellbeing of her community.
The memorial bench and tree were made possible by the generous donations of her friends and family. 
 The photos from the ceremony were taken by Nick Sanyal.
 Margaret Dibble, Bill McLaughlin, Lena Le
                              Bear Creek Canyon Washout Fixed!
A great big thank you to Randy McCall at North Idaho Crushing! Randy donated his time and equipment to finish fixing the washout in Bear Creek Canyon. In addition, Andy Grant, Latah County Parks and Recreation Manager, did a great job fixing much of this new section of trail. Randy came in to finish the job. Thank you Randy, thank you Andy. This section of trail is yet to be opened. We will make an announcement once that happens. 


Visitors to Moscow Blog about the Latah Trail

Emily and Barry,  the Traveling Twosome, cycle all over the country. While enjoying Walla Walla, it was suggested that they travel to Moscow to check out the Latah Trail. They took this advice, and then wrote a wonderful blog about their travels in our region. Click here to check out their blog. They will write about the Chipman Trail next.

                                  RAILS-TO-TRAILS CONSERVANCY PHOTO CONTEST
See the link below to enter your photo of the Latah Trail in the Rails-to-Trails first ever photo contest. Contest ends Aug 21, 2015. So get out there on the Trail and upload some cool photos to Flicker. You may just win. Good luck. See all the cool photos from trails around the country. https://www.flickr.com/groups/rtc2016photocontest/